Lighting for Living Rooms

Lighting for Living Rooms

It is very important to have a good lighting plan when decorating your living room. But, in fact, it is not so easy to create the right plan. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to have a flexible plan as the light in the living room should be used for multiple functions. Lots of aspects should be taken into consideration when deciding on what type of lightening to use.
Recessed and Ceiling Lighting
You can install track or recessed lighting with the help of which one can light the whole room or a specific area. In fact, it does not matter what method you will choose, just keep in mind that they use similar principles. You have to think about a type of light bulbs.
In case you have decided to take advantage of recessed lighting, it is advised to use a light bulb. As a result, you will be provided with lighting all over the room. You can install a compact fluorescent twister style or A19 style light bulbs.
If there is a need to use recessed lighting, then it is better to look for a spot or flood light type light bulb. It can be installed over a fireplace. Still there are people who prefer to make use of wide flood light bulbs in recessed lighting.
Portable Lighting
Table lamps as well as floor lamps can be regarded as portable lighting. They can be placed beside chairs and also at the end of sofas. Portable lighting is used not only for lighting a reading area, but also to provide a different dimension.
Art or Photo Illumination
You can use three ways to illuminate photos or art works which hang on the walls. So you can make use of recessed lighting, track lighting and sconces. A spot light can be used in the track or recessed lighting.
The fixture determines different specifications, i.e. the angle in which it can be fixed as well as how far from the wall. A number of light bulbs can be used by sconces. With the help of sconces, you will be provided with an indirect light effect as a result the room is becoming more brightened.
Game Table or Wet Bar Areas
Areas that will probably be used for a bar or table, can be used by a low hanging lighting. Hang them 72 inches from the floor. In fact, it will be ideal, as when having a conversation with someone the pendant will not be in the way of conversation.
But if you think about using a larger pendent which will be over a game table, then you will need to hang it about 60 inches from the floor.
Inner Cabinet Lighting
A small portable lamp found on a bookcase shelf provides an interesting look. Opt for something that is taller than 18 inches. But, in fact, it is not always easy to find small good looking lamps.


Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country Kitchen Design Ideas

One can say that a kitchen is an integral part of any house. Nowadays we are provided with loads of kitchen ideas. In case you have a big house you are able to think over a country kitchen design. The essence of such a kitchen is to provide nostalgia as well as warmth. For that reason it is better to make use of lighting, flooring as well as cabinets that bring the feel as if you are in a rustic farmhouse. Actually, a country kitchen is different if comparing it with a modern kitchen. Usually, country kitchen designs provide warmth as well as elegance.
When designing a country kitchen one should think over a color scheme as it is considered to be the most important aspect. As we are choosing color for a country kitchen, then the best option is to make use of bold as well as bright colors. It is recommended to avoid such colors as tan, brown and rust, as they are considered to be the earth tones. As for vibrant colors, you can choose tomato red, cobalt blue, verdant green, as well as purple. But in case you do not feel comfortable with such colors, you can think over soothing soft ocean colors, such as turquoise blue and sea green. Actually, such bright colors can go well with countertops as well as cabinets available in ivory, beige and off white. Also do not use colors like black and gray.
You country kitchen design will look incomplete in case you do not install the right type of flooring. Note that flooring should provide airy and open feel. Moreover, it should be eco-friendly and natural. It is better to choose wood flooring for the kitchen. If you add a beautiful area rug, the kitchen flooring will get a nice touch.
Window Treatment
Window treatment is also an essential part when decorating a country kitchen. You can opt for curtains that are available in bright floral print, such as blue or yellow. You are also able to display planter boxes that will be located outside the window sills. Another good thing is to place a pot of fresh flowers, such as peonies and daisies.
Furniture and Accessories
Any kitchen design should be completed with proper storage solutions, furniture as well as accessories. As the ceiling and walls are available in vibrant and bright colors, it is necessary to choose accessories and kitchen cabinets in a muted color. If you are able to afford, you can avail good wooden cabinets. In fact, it would be much better compared to light colored wooden furniture. It is also necessary to choose shelves and kitchen tablets of a particular color in order it could match the cabinets. Actually, most country kitchen cabinets are available in white, due to which the kitchen looks more spacious. If you want, you can place a small wicker chair for resting when preparing meals. You can go to the market an look for the kitchen furniture there.


Green Paint Colors

Green is considered to be the color of nature. Moreover, it is able to calm your eye. In case you want to bring a natural look to your house, the only option is to use green paint colors.
Green Paint Colors for Bedroom
Bedroom is the place where everyone is able to relax after a hard day. Actually, bedroom decorating includes a lot of things such as furniture, light, colors curtains and many others. In fact, it is exciting to change colors of your bedroom every season. With the help of green shades the room can get a fashionable look as well as a positive sense. It is not necessary to use bold colors for innovative bedroom color ideas. With the help of light shades of green such as mint cream, honeydew green or tea green it is possible to achieve a rich look. As a matter of fact, green paint colors provide a touch of earth tone. In case you decide to use an antique or more faded olive green, know that it is a restful color to your eyes. You are also able to blend greens and browns. Earth tone sage color can be used for three walls of the room and make an accent to the wall with chocolate brown. It would be a fabulous combination.
Green Paint Colors for Kitchen
It is time consuming to paint a kitchen as it involves little crannies as well as nooks. Green is available in different shades that are able to depress the kitchen but at the same time uplift the energy. So for that reason it is necessary to be careful when it comes to selecting a particular shade. You should decide what is preferable for you less or more shinny green, slat finish or matte finish. Kitchen decorating includes kitchen cabinets, wall tiles, kitchen countertops, etc. choose a proper shade of green in order it could match all the elements of the kitchen. It is also possible to combine green with such colors as white, yellow and gray as well.
Green Paint Colors for Living Room
With the help of green paint colors one can create a nice social atmosphere in the living room. Also it is able to add an inviting environment as well as comfort to the room. Actually, when you are considering a particular color for the living room, you should choose it in accordance with the room’s size and color of the furniture. Green can be mild, bright, cool and vibrant. It goes well with furniture colored in brown, black or white. Shades of green such as exotic jade and olive are used for a fresh feel. It will look trendy in can the living room will include white furniture and green walls. As a result, you will get a nice modern interior decor.
Green Paint Colors for Bathroom
In case you want to add liveliness to the bathroom, you are able can choose tiles available in green colors. Accessories can also be of green color. If you combine them, you can get an exotic bathroom decor. But be sure that the color is washable, durable as well as super strong.


Kids Bathroom Décor

Quite a large number of parents complain that their children do not brush their teeth long enough. Probably it can be explained by the drab bathroom space, due to which your child wants to get out faster. In fact, children prefer a space that is tailored specifically for them. So it means that the bathroom should have an appropriate décor. Nowadays one can choose a theme that is able to suit your child. But when decorating, try not to go overboard.  Also several aspects should be taken into account when decorating a bathroom for a child, i.e. independence and safety.

To create a perfect bathroom, it is necessary to make a solid plan. You should choose a particular theme for the wall décor, wallpapers as well as colors to use. It is obvious to take into consideration the safety. Actually, the bathroom can become a place where a lot of accidents can happen. So, when choosing countertops, it would be better to choose rounded edges as well as corners. It will help avoid bumped heads. It is also advised to place the towel racks as they will help prevent climbing attempts. Also it is necessary to mark the hot water faucet clearly in order to avoid accidental scalding. Moreover, it advised to add ‘no slip’ bathroom mats.

Designing the Bathroom
For the bathroom wall décor, it is better to select colorful as well as bright themes. Actually, there are different wallpaper trims that come with cute designs. With the help of a particular bathroom décor, one can get a fun touch. For the younger kids, it is better to choose a project that involves their favorite movie characters or cartoons. If you have a little lady, you can choose a ballet theme which is accompanied with frilly pink accents, different laces as well as ribbons. Do not forget about a princess theme that is available with a castle toothbrush holder and crown waste basket. As for boys, you are able to create a pirate theme or make a cowboy style. For older children, you can choose a beach theme that is complete with shower curtain hooks, flip-flop rugs, as well as wall decals. A good idea will be to use a rock star theme that comes with a rock band shower curtain, guitar toothbrush holder and disco ball lotion dispenser.
When it comes to color, it is better to choose a neutral as well as light shade. Also you can hang several pictures on the wall. As for accessories, you can place kids bathroom sets. You are also able to choose from a range of the licensed character products, such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, towels as well as soap dispensers with the help of which you are able to complete a particular theme.


Mediterranean Themed Kitchen

It turned out that the Mediterranean theme has become popular for the last years. With the help of it you are able to decorate different rooms of your house. You can even decorate your kitchen using this theme. While tropical decorating offers a contemporary type of decoration, with the help of Mediterranean, one can add a comfortable as well as warm tone to the kitchen. Usually, such a kind of decoration involves natural elements such as plants, wood, bamboo as well as decorative grasses. It always welcomes juicy color schemes.
Explore Spicy Colors
The kitchen that is decorated in the Mediterranean theme, usually involves spicy colors that are able to add an exotic mood to your eating space. It is advised to take advantage of medium beige. Or you can think over light brown in order to induce an exotic and warm presence. Also you have to make use of such color splashes as deep green, red, spicy orange, gray as well as dark brown. Actually, such color splashed can be used in the form of bowels and plates, placement, decorative throw rugs and wall art. Take into account that the Mediterranean kitchen should be rich with spicy colors. With the help of spicy colors you are able to create harmony as well as warmth to your kitchen.
Invest in Elegant Appliances
Appliances and countertop area can become a focal point of your kitchen. For that reason it is necessary to be sure that they do not detract from the Mediterranean appeal. It is recommended to add stainless steel or black appliances for the kitchen. As the Mediterranean appeal is modern and colorful, with the help of stainless steel or black appliances one can add a contemporary design for your kitchen. It is better to install three or four countertop appliances in order not to overload the space of the kitchen. Also keep in mind that the Mediterranean kitchen includes natural elements, such as fruits, plants and also vegetable. So it would be a good idea to display fruits in a big bowl which you can place on the kitchen table or countertop.
Develop the Idea of Exotic Patterns and Textures
Silk, cotton, rattan, as well as wicker are regarded as valuable textures. They can be used as an addition to your Mediterranean kitchen. Due to different textures that can be used in your kitchen, one can create an exotic mood. If there is room for chairs as well as small table, then it is better to make use of wicker chairs along with a wooden table. With the help of such elements, your kitchen will become warmer and it will get a natural feel. As for window treatments, they can be made of matchstick blinds, bamboo shades, as well as contemporary panels that are available in cotton or raw silk. Also you can think over some jewel-toned dishes or mosaic piece of wall art in order to add some spicy colors to the room. As a matter of fact, the Mediterranean kitchen involves the idea of combining spicy colors, ethnic accessories, as well as exotic textures due to which the kitchen is becoming comfortable and warm.


Home Decoration Tips and Ideas

Interior Painting


The interior of your home is the most important aspect to show people your personality when they visit. If you want to impress people with your ideals and what you think is important, you are going to want to find the colors that are right for you. Being able to do this may take a bit of time, but with a little bit of information, and a decent imagination to visualize what your rooms may look like, you can have the home of your dreams and impress anyone that walks through your doors.
Picking your Colors
The first thing you will need to do is pick the colors that you are going to use to paint your walls and trim with. You could go out and just find a color that you like from a paint supply store, but just picking randomly might not work all the time. First, you have to think about the furniture and accessories you already have. Unless you are planning on buy all new furniture, you should probably try to match the colors you have already. This will make things go a lot easier for you in the long run. You should also realize that, unless you are planning on painting your rooms every other week, that you will enjoy looking at these colors every day.
Popular Colors
There are a few out there that love the off colors, but there are more that choose more common aspects to paint their walls in. Following are some of those colors that people choose most often.

White: White is a great all around base color that can be used to freshen up any room in the house. You can use white to open up a darker room and give it the appearance of more space.

Brown: There are many shades of brown that you can use and this will give you a more formal quality to your home. Your study and dining room will look great with a shade of brown on the walls if you have a nice dark wood to compliment it with.

Blue: Blues can be very relaxing for most people, unless you use something that is a bit too bright. You can mix any shade of blue with colors like pink or green to give it a deeper accent which looks very good in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Green: Greens are a great way of bringing nature inside and giving you that relaxing feel that being out in the forest or meadow can give to you.

Yellow: Yellow is a very bright and warm feeling color that goes great in any kitchen. Just be careful as to what shade of yellow you choose as it could do the opposite effect.
While choosing the right color for your home is important, it by no means states that you have to choose colors you do not like. The option to paint is yours and yours alone as is the colors you choose to use or not.


Home Decorating – A Way to Show Your Personality

Home Decorating – A Way to Show Your Personality

Whether we do it intentionally or not, the choices that we agree upon when chasing for home decorating items and style will always have a word to say about our personality and style. You can probe this statement by simply looking around someone’s house when visiting this person and you will see various traits that are imprinted in the way they have chosen their home decorating style. The same happens to your home decorating style: it will show others characteristic of your own personality and style.

Whenever you reach the idea of having your home decorating style changed, you should consider what sort of image you would like to reflect. Take into account the things that you like and the one that dislike you and create a plan that must bring you pleasure upon completion. After all it is your living space and you would like to feel satisfied with what it contains for when you reach home to feel good and relaxed in your own space.

Once you have the defined plan of what is there to change you can proceed into creating your corner of paradise. The first thing to approach is the color of each room that will definitely have a great impact on your mood.

Consider this aspect in the first steps of your new look of the home decorating project. Think of the moments that you become annoyed simply because that color of the room is something you dislike. Just pick up the paint color that you enjoy and re-do the walls of the room and you will see that your mood will change.

The home decorating style is in fact an aspect that is displayed in front of anyone visiting the house. For instance, one who enjoys art will go for displaying many art objects making a clear point of what they like. Others who are fans for technologies and new stuff that comes with innovations of the moment will chose various gadgets that will decorate the space of the kitchens, and throughout various rooms around the house.

As to the space of the bathrooms, home decorating style can be seen even there as well projecting a light on the personality of the resident. Is there a plain curtain that you hang at the shower or a whimsical, colorful one? Is the bathroom a space that gathers many things living them randomly or neatly ordered on the shelves and cabinets?

Even the style of the rugs that are used inside the home decorating style has something to say about the personality of the owner. For instance the plain cream rug that lies on the floor won’t define a vibrant person who enjoys excitement in life, but rather someone who likes things to be carefully planned and kept in place. And the list can go on and on when it comes to defining someone’s personality by judging their own home decorating style.


Decorating Living Room According to Feng Shui

Decorating Living Room According to Feng Shui

It is believed that the philosophy of feng shui came from Tibet about ten thousand years ago. The philosophy says that nature has a constant flow of a good and bad energy. To have the flow of good energy it is necessary to decorate a room in a certain way. Feng shui living room furniture placement requires arrangements with the help of which you are able to achieve perfect harmony with your surroundings and life.
Feng Shui: Decorating Living Room
It is very important to follow the concept of feng shui, as it is regarded as a focal point of any home. It is impossible to alter the structure as well as the shape of your living room. You have to use the right arrangements and colors of the living room in order to make adequate energy levels in the room.
Feng Shui: Living Room Colors
In fact, colors of your living room depend on the location of the room in the house. Also each color of Feng Shui attracts a different kind of energy. If the living room is located in the center of your house, it is advised to use shades of yellow or take advantage of a brown color. Such colors are considered to be good from the point of view of the health perspective. White means creativity and it is better to use it in the living room which is located in the west. The north living room requires dark colors as it is thought they will bring success in careers. If your living room is at the east, black and green colors can be applied as due to them the family honor will be increased. If you use red colors for the room located in the south corner, the room will lure power as well as fame. Pastel shades of pink will bring freshness to the relationship, in case the room is in the southwest corner.  Silver and gray colors of the northwest room will give you a lot of opportunities.
Feng Shui: Living Room Arrangements
Take into consideration that the most important idea about making the arrangements for living room, is its look, never make it cluttered.

As a matter of fact, the amount and size of furniture of the living room should be in consistent. It should offer space inside the room. The chairs as well as sofas should be comfortable. Do not place them against the wall of window. Arrange them in octagonal shape or circular shape to add a more intimate feel to your guests.
The main table of the room should invite people who are entering the living room. If you place natural plants or flowers, they will attract energy that is good for health.

Draw your attention towards the dark corners of the room as they are filled with extremely low energy flow. To liven up such areas, one can use colorful paintings, houseplants with round leaves.

As for the television or sound system it is better to keep them in a closed cabinet as their electromagnetic waves are able to disrupt the natural flow of energy.


Decorate Your Family Room in Southwestern Style

Decorate Your Family Room in Southwestern Style

The family room can be designed in different ways. But it would be a great idea to use an interesting as well as colorful design such as Southwestern. No matter what design you are going to use, it is necessary to consider a couple of things first.
It is very important to draw your attention towards the walls, i.e. they way you are going to decorate them. Southwestern style uses such colors as tans, blacks, reds, oranges as well as blues. It would be good in case you will use a stucco plaster. But if you are not prone to this variant, you can paint wallpaper borders as well as southwestern stencils. Another good option is just use neutral palette and with the help of several accessories, you can add accents to the Southwestern room.

Take into account that even the ugliest walls can get a good look. It can be achieved with the help of accessories as well as decorative wall arts. As you decorate your family room in Southwestern style, you are able to use framed prints, horse skulls, or collection of branding irons that can be displayed in a group.
As for lighting, you can install light fixtures. Moreover, quite a large number of people used to utilize overhead lighting along with table lamps. For a Southwestern room it is better to choose wood, antler or metal chandelier, which comes with wrought iron sconces. Try to avoid frilly crystal items.
The floor of the room also deserves your attention. Actually, you have two options. The first one involves the usage of rugs that are available in a southwestern look. Another option is to have a tile floor.
Here you can make use of pillows, knick knacks, as well as wall art. But it is necessary they could match the whole design. Note that with the help of several changes, your room will look different. It would be ideal to add American Indian pottery bowls. Also try to incorporate several Mexican decorated plates that you can mount on walls.
Keep in mind that your family room should include furniture of Western style. With the help of light stain items you will be able to enhance the overall design.
Window Treatment
You are provided with a range of window coverings. In fact, they can go well with the design theme. But when choosing particular coverings it is advised to stay away from ruffles as well as velvet drapes. In order to achieve an amazing look, you can opt for western print on wooden blinds or cotton.
Creating a southwestern look can involve just minor things, meaning that you can avail several decorative accessories. Also you can just replace everything in your room. But in this case make sure that all details are able to match your furniture. Using decorative items you will be able to create a new as well as cool Southwestern theme.


Decorating Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

Decorating Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

It is very important to have the right design as well as décor in the room, as due to them you are able to set a particular mood. When decorating your bedroom you should draw your attention towards the walls. As a matter of fact, they are considered to be a background of the bedroom furniture as well as other elements that are involved. Bedroom wall decorating ideas consist of the right color set used for the walls and also a choice of the right decorative items.
Color Scheme
When decorating, you should never forget that the color scheme should reflect your own personality. It is necessary to choose a particular color that will be able to provide warmth along with comfort. The most preferred colors are the following: lavender, blue, and green. With the help of these colors, the bedroom will look more spacious as well as bright. If you want your bedroom to be enhanced with an atmosphere of total relaxation, it is advised to look for muted colors. To add a vibrant and lively touch to the walls of the bedroom, it is better to use warm colors, such as peach, butter yellow and pink. But if you would like to have a lively as well as soothing effect, then neutral shades are what you need. Moreover, they are suitable for any interior decoration.
Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
When it comes to wall decorating ideas of the bedroom, it is necessary to choose ones that offer a tranquil effect. Look through a list of items with the help of which you are able to decorate the walls.
Take into account that shelves are used not only for stacking DVDs and books. In fact, they can be used for different purposes. You can put a unique decorative piece such as an antique lamp. As a matter of fact, it helps change a feel and look of the whole room. It is also possible to keep a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. As a result, you will get a calming effect. To turn your room in a more romantic place, take advantage of candles available with some antique candle holders.
To add a nostalgic feel as well as personalized touch, one can place old photographs. Just choose several of your favorite photos and then frame them elegantly. Then put photos above the head board or chair rail in order they could be visible.
It would be a good idea to hang pots of houseplants on the wall. Also it is possible to place them on the shelves. Due to plants you will notice that your bedroom look differently. They add liveliness as well as freshness to the bedroom.
Decorative Items
Also there are other decorative items with the help of which the wall can be decorated, i.e. beautiful wall arts, lighting fixture as well as mirrors. It is preferable to use low lighting. As for mirrors, place them so that they can brighten up the room and reflect a big amount of light.