The Beginner’s Guide to Parenting

Effective Ways to Dealing with Various Parenting Styles

A lot of couples mostly thinks that they are not opposite entirely, but they are different on some other ways. It is our personality that makes us different and unique because some may be reactive and the other is patient. You may have a personality of being diligent and your partner may be forgetful. This simply means that each balanced out the other.

If your parenting style actually differs from your partner, this can be frustrating and can be destructive and could create dissonance and distance with both partners and could create confusion to your kids. There are a lot of couples that actually differs on what’s the best way in raising their children. This actually is true and also applies to same sex couples. This is because most of the personality traits and our personal beliefs lie dormant until there’s a child involved and the qualities then leads us in falling in love with each other because people don’t fall in love just because they are parents.

Though a lot of partners tend to study on parenting first before having children and our styles are mostly instinctual and is based on how we are raised, what we have observed and on what we have been taught. There are some parents who are a lot more authoritarian to where they usually say that “parents knows best” and that obedience is more important. Some parents also are more permissive and they are usually afraid to upset their child. Some also are the combination of the two. If it will be practiced in conflict, the approaches of parents could send mixed emotion to the child and it will damage the form of parenting. These could confuse your child on who they should follow and which are the real rules.

Different kind of parenting styles should never lead to disasters. In some other ways, a divergent style could help your kids to prepare themselves about the different types of people. For parents, this is an opportunity for them to achieve balance through their differences. The real secret for it is that each parent has to be okay on the role on what they take on. An important function about co-parenting is to actually form a united front and to reinforce your kids which partners react on a particular situation differently.

Parenting will need a constant assessment and also an adjustment that will be based on the development of your child and its temperament. This is why it’s best that you talk and learn more about your goals when it comes to raising a child and on how the two of you will come to such goals.