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DNA Testing.

Since the discovery of DNA testing some two decades ago, the popularity in use of the test has gone up significantly. A conclusive relationship will determine whether there is a relationship- between two people and how they are related. With a single strand of hair and another match to run the test against , one can determine the identity of a person and from how things are advancing quickly it is a matter of time till people can narrow down to the age of a person. Blood typing was what was used in human identity testing before there was DNA testing. DNA testing tends to be more accurate than blood typing and that makes it more preferable. DNA testing relies on the comparison of two specific DNA features that are known as DNA markers.

DNA fingerprinting also uses almost the same concept as it compares the whorls and the loops in the fingerprints of the individual that are unique to that individual. In DNA testing if the samples’ patterns are identical then they are likely to be from the same person. It doesn’t matter if the profiles are different but if the samples tend to show significant similarities then that shoes relatedness. When it comes to determining the results, the degree similarity in the samples suggest the degree of relatedness as well. DNA testing is largely applied in criminal applications but there are non-criminal applications as well.

There is a big difference between the use of DNA testing in criminal and civil applications. Criminal application is all about matching samples from suspects to that of the sample that has been collected at the scene while with civil application it is predominantly determining the relationship between two people. In legal non-criminal cases DNA testing is applied to help in determining child support cases and immigration as well. In most cases there will be no documentary evidence hence the need to turn to the use of DNA tests as that acts as proof to both parties.

With paternity tests, responsibilities that come with caring and providing for a child are, matched with the rightful persons. In adoption of children as well some countries will require the use of DNA tests but if you are new to that you might wonder just how a paternity will aid in subjects that are not related at all. Here the tests will be used to match the child’s ethnic background to that of the person that is hoping to adopt. It aids in fitting a child with the best family fit. The transition of the child to the new family will be easy this way.

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